We Stock Hoffmans Ration and Minerals


Developed by leading horse nutritionists

Hoffman's Horse Minerals had been on the market for over 10 years and absolutely fulfilled the need that they were created for. It gained a popular following and trainers began to use HHMinerals on performance horses. They were finding that they loved the shine, hoof condition and attitude change of their horses but they also found that they would like something that added some energy to their feeding program without using grains which would make their horses hot.

We decided on a feed formulation without oats, barley, alfalfa or molasses, making it low starch/low sugars, and we added natural fats for a "cool", level energy instead. We also pelleted the feed and put Hoffman's Horse Minerals right into it. And so Hoffman's Horse Ration was born using the same expert nutritionist that developed Hoffman's Horse Minerals.

Trainers, stables, and owners alike love the simplicity of providing horses feed and a supplement from the same bag.Hoffman's Horse Ration, also has a low feeding rate maximizing digestibility and saving space when you are travelling. Your horses will love this extremely palatable feed designed for level headed, long lasting performance.

Endorsed by Les Timmons

In 2014 Hoffman's Horse Minerals celebrated 20 years of being on the market. In this time these chelated minerals and added vitamins have proven effective for reproductive health, hair and hoof condition, circulation, digestive and joint health as well as a host of other conditions which you can read about on our benefits link.

Hoffman's Horse Minerals also contain Diamond V yeast which is beneficial for digestion.

This is one of the few horse supplements on the market that can be fed free choice and is economical to feed to large numbers of horses. It can also be top dressed on their feed.

From the very young to equine senior citizens, all ages will benefit from the nutrition Hoffman's Horse Minerals have to offer. From miniature horses and donkeys, to draft horses and everything in between, thousands of horse owners have witnessed firsthand the benefits of supplying their animals with the ingredients that will help optimize their horse's health.