Jim Worsnop and Tosca Dallaire-Eveleigh have been operating Essa Valley Feed Services since May 2009.

Their friendly little feed store and its popular Pet Grooming Salon and Doggie Daycare managed by Hayley Ferguson and Ted Potter soon became a very busy place! with customers coming from near and far to stock up on feed, shavings and other pet and farm supplies. The business quickly out grew the farm...... and even took over, Jim's barn and out buildings.... let me tell you the cows were not happy.

Then these lovely adjacent properties became available in 2011, Jim and Tosca decided purchase the properties and move the Feed Services and Pet Center over to #4919 county road 90, Barrie.
Around the same time there was a suggestion about making half the building into a Dog Center. This new  Doggie Daycare needed a name! After a few name possibilities, "Dog Town on 90" came to mind ...and bammo...a new country style dog boarding, grooming and doggie daycare was created!

We have also now put the kids to work, joining our team is Jeffrey Worsnop and Samantha Eveleigh!

Fact: On Feb 2013 Our Bright orange train landmark is going out west!  "The Train is moving with a new owner named Rob, to Winnipeg.