Essa Valley Feed carrys a large variety of poultry feeds. Our most Popular is Jones Mill Poultry Feed, but we also carry Non-GMO and Organic Feeds, and some Floradale Feeds




At Essa Valley Feed Services , we offer a variety of broiler rations to meet your production demands. All feeds are available medicated if desired, and formulations include starter, grower. 

 Chick Starter
 16% Chick Grower


At Essa Valley Feed Services we stock Jones Mill Layer Feeds, Programs are breed specific and are developed to closely match the hen's nutrient requirements for maximum egg production and profitability. We offer a variety of protein levels to meet your production demands, as well as the Omega Layer Rations formulated with flaxseed.

Jones Layer Mash
Jones Layer Crumb
Jones Layer Pellets




Our Turkey Feeding Program is designed to work in conjunction with good management to produce maximum weights and low feed conversions in minimum days. Medicated and non-medicated feeds are available in prestarter, starter, grower 

Jones Turkey Prestarter, Med.
Jones Turkey Grower, Med.


Game Birds

The FFML Game Bird Feeding Program is designed to provide maximum growth and excellent feed conversions. Game Bird feeds include starter and finisher rations, available in either crumbles or pellets, as well as holding and breeder complete feeds.  T

Jones Muscovy Duck Starter
Jones Muscovy Duck Grower

 Essa Valley Feed Services we stock Maitland Valley
17% Lay crumbs, but also get other Non-Gmo feeds

Maitland Valley - Natural Feeds


Maitland Valley Natural Feeds was developed in response to customer demands for identity preserved / non-genetically modified livestock feed. This line of livestock feed is produced at the Heidelberg mill.

Great effort has been taken to ensure that only GMO free crops and ingredients are used in the manufacturing of this feed. Crop ingredients are sourced from producers who are growing GMO free crops. All corn, soybeans and soybean meal is tested before entering the mill to ensure a GMO free status. Suppliers of all non-crop feed ingredients (minerals, feed additives, etc.) are required to submit written guarantees that their products do not contain genetically modified material. 

Traceability is paramount to the integrity of this feed. Protocols are in place dictating the conditions necessary for ingredients to be accepted for Maitland Valley Natural Feeds. Sourcing procedures ensure that incoming grains (soybeans, corn, mixed grain, barley, wheat, etc. ) can be identified with the producer who grew the product and ensure that these grains are sourced from producers exhibiting a high standard of management and environmental responsibility in their growing practices. 


 Essa Valley Feed Services we stock

Organic 17% Lay Ration. 


Miller's Stone Organics

Nutrition and Product Sourcing


Of course sourcing quality ingredients for your feed is only one step towards making rations that work for your farm or operation. Miller's Stone uses modern, nutrient based software to formulate and meet the nutritional needs of all of our livestock feeds. This approach ensures that our feeds will perform to your expectations, keep your animals healthy and bring you the best value for your feed dollar.

Product Sourcing

All of the ingredients used in Miller's Stone's feed products are carefully selected from recognized organic farmers and suppliers. Quality is our foremost selection criteria when choosing grains, minerals and vitamin sources. We are proud to work with many of our area's farmers who supply us with many of the grains used in our feeds.




Miller's Stone organic feeds are certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd., a national certifier of Canadian organic feed products. All of Miller's Stone Organics products carry the Pro-Cert Organic logo, ensuring you that each product we manufacture is done according to the Canadian organic regulations.

Feeding Guidelines

All of the Miller's Stone Organics feeds are supported by complete feeding recommendations by species. Our nutrition teams are current with the needs of all farm and companion animals and formulate our feeds with your operation and profitability in mind.