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Please note that ready to Lay Birds are on a first come for serve basis, once they are sold out they are gone, place your order asap so you won't miss out!

Delivery Dates For Day Old Chicks!

March 30, April 13,April 27, May 11,  May 25 but no AZ or nn's
June 8,  June 22,  July 6,  Aug. 10,  Sept. 21 ,  Oct. 5. 

Delivery Dates for Day Old Ducks!

April 27, May 11, May 25, June 8, June 22, July 6,

Delivery Dates for Ready to Lay Red Sex Link Birds!

March 29 sold, April 12 sold, April 28 sold, May 26 sold, June 7 sold, June 21sold, July 5 sold, Aug10, Sept 19, 
oct 5th

Delivery Dates for Ready to Lay Black Sex Link Birds, Barred Plymouth Rocks, 
Columbian Rock X. Red X Birds!
Buff Orpington BF, Lavender Orpington LO,
Silver Laced Wyandotte SW, Azure Blue AZ, 
Majesty Maran MA
Days old only. Please Call for dates.

March 29,July 5, Sept 19

Ready to Lay Birds are on a First come First Serve Basis, please order asap so that you won't be left out..
Order now pick up later!..

We also carry bedding for your chicks